Monthly Archives: June 2015

If you preach, be prepared to practice…

I had to chuckle a few weeks ago while taking a morning flight to Denver from Chicago.  Carefully, I had packed my travel snacks such as a bag of loose spinach and kale, an apple, sugar- and salt-free almond butter, mineral water, and, for a treat, crystallized ginger.  Meanwhile, next to me a passenger orders the so called “Happy Hour Special”.  What does this consist of?  …one stiff drink and a “snack”.  She ordered jack and coke with gummy bears.

Can you think of two polar opposite agendas placed right next to one another that morning?  Naturally, the airline will sell it to her and likely make a pretty good mark up on the sale.  I managed to keep a straight face between my combined, yet conflicted, feelings of horror and humor. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “man oh man.”  Most of the people who know me are quite aware that I am not hesitant to voice my opinion.  In this case, the urge to ask her questions and attempt to educate was screaming in my head, but the idea of not over stepping bounds with a complete stranger restrained me.

To my surprise, towards the end of the flight, she decided to initiate conversation with me by saying “you eat so healthy…  I need to do better”.  I cordially said, “I try.”  Meanwhile the inside voice in my head was shouting “YES!”  This experience is in fact a lesson of practice what you preach.  I couldn’t help but to find beauty in the fact that without saying a word, I made a small influence.

Ashley L Arnold, MBA, MPH is a lifestyle health educator and coach who supports clients to channel authority over their health, well-being, and overall vitality.  Offering health education approaches and 1-on-1 coaching modules, she gets them out of excess weeds of information and inconsistent practices that don’t get desired results.  Through helping people focus on the right applications paired with appropriate consideration for bio-individual facets, they become stronger, more confident self-advocates for their health.  Bottom line, they will surpass challenges, embrace healthful living with ease, and, best of all, feel a greater sense of empowerment and more energy!