REBLOG: Top benefits of buying directly from farmers

Couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for the succinct, relevant post!

You and I typically have two main options when it comes to getting groceries. We can go to the supermarket, or we can go directly to the farmers through a farmers market or CSA share. Each one has its relative pluses and minuses, but I think buying directly from farmers is the ideal choice when feasible. Why? Well, in my book, these are the top benefits of getting your food directly from a farmer or rancher:

1) You get the freshest possible food
Most of the food in a typical supermarket was probably picked from the ground weeks ago, and you can taste it. In contrast, any good farmer worth his or her salt will only sell you the very freshest product. Likely they will have just picked the produce or processed the animal hours before you get your hand on it. Fresh food simply tastes better. Your taste buds…

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