Introducing “Motivational Mondays”

A few weeks ago, I concluded a professional presentation on sleep, stress, and autoimmune conditions.  Carefully, I wove together scientific information, such as the physiology of stress response, immunity, the dynamic nature between sleep and stress, and hormonal activity, with motivational advice centered on behavior change.

However, floating within my thoughts, was the fact that, bottom line, behavior change can be tough!  It doesn’t come with a magic pill and requires significant mental connection, social support, and favorable response to one’s various environments.

Soon after, I started thinking about all those motivational word art images that stream around Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  We may not know who creates them, but sure enough, on a periodic basis, one of them will pop out at us, resonate, and prompt us to share.

As a healthy living advocate, scientific professional, and overall nutrition junkie, it is, in part, my job to inspire in order to encourage favorable behavior change.  To better do this and integrate with my blog while further honoring commitment to you, happy followers, I am launching a Motivational Mondays series.  This may consist of a story, quote, personal photograph, or…  dun, dun, dun, one of those silly word art images (public domain approved).  Hopefully this helps get you through the infamous “case of the Mondays” (Office Space fan, yes)!

With that being said, I better “get on it”.  Happy Monday and Carry On!

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